Harvey A.K. Whitney

themanHarvey A. K. Whitney (1894-1957) received his Ph.C. degree from the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy in 1923.

He was appointed to the pharmacy staff of University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1925 and was named Chief Pharmacist there in 1927. He served in that position for almost 20 years. He is credited with establishing the first hospital pharmacy internship program–now known as a residency program–at the University of Michigan in 1927. Harvey A. K. Whitney was an editor, author, educator, practitioner, and hospital pharmacy leader. He was instrumental in developing a small group of hospital pharmacists into a subsection of the American Pharmaceutical Association and finally, in 1942, into the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists. He was the first ASHP President and co-founder, in 1943, of The Bulletin of the ASHP, which in 1958 became the American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy.

The Harvey A. K. Whitney Lecture Award was established in 1950 by the Michigan Society of Hospital Pharmacists (now the Southeastern Michigan Society of Hospital Pharmacists) to honor the first Chairman of the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists. Responsibility for administration of the Award was accepted by the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists in 1963, and since that time it has been presented annually to honor outstanding contributions to the practice of pharmacy in health systems. The Harvey A. K. Whitney Lecture Award is known as “health-system pharmacy’s highest honor.”

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